How long does it take to receive a proof?

After receiving an order it will take 5-7 business days to receive a proof! Once final proof is approved the print process will begin the same day.

What is your return policy?

We are an on-demand print service, all orders are custom made to your order spec. Be sure to purchase desired graphics that are also intended for your year/make/model/plastic set so that incorrect items are not purchased, as these are not acceptable reasons for a return!

We CANNOT accept returns in cases where the incorrect kit was ordered for any other reason that doesn't fall under our responsibility.

Do you offer Custom Graphics?

We only offer custom graphics! Head over to the contact page and send us your year/make/model. Fill in a brief description and wait for one of our designers to get a hold of you for more information. Our custom kits are what have put us on the map for having the dirtiest kits around!

Do you offer reprinted panels?

Absolutely! If you have damaged a section or piece of your wrap give us a call and we will send you a rendering to circle required pieces.

Unfortunately re-prints are for original owner only. If you purchased a machine with our wrap on it and want to make changes to the existing design this is not possible.

Do you Sponsor Riders?

We do! We love supporting the community who supports us! Unfortunately our budget doesn't allow us to help you all out! But you can email your information to scrat@stealthgraphics.ca or tag us on social media to up your position on our list & get our attention for your chance to be on our team.

I Want To Add a Custom Logo To My Graphics

Custom logos are no problem! If you already have it designed or need to have a custom one designed email scrat@stealthgraphics.ca with the specifics.


Do You Offer Wholesale Pricing?

Yes, Email scrat@stealthgraphics.ca with your dealer information and the volume of wraps you are moving a year!

How do I Install My Wrap?

Stealth’s wraps are designed on templates specific to your machine! Click here to see an installation instruction video! ALSO check out our available install kits to make your machine look like the pro’s did it.